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Product Description

QuickCipher is a web-based Medical Risk Adjustment (MRA) Coding Assistant & Quality enhancement tool developed together by a talented team of experienced Software & HealthCare Domain specialists. QuickCipher is built using the latest technologies with robust features by focusing on performance, quality, productivity, and cost at its highest priority. This web-based application is created using the emerging AI technologies such as Natural language processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms, and Data Analysis.

Business Features

Past claims / Problem List validations

Deep quality check feature based on the Multi-Level Auditing, Custom Rules, Sampling Percentage & real-time performance analysis of the Coder & Auditor

Deliver smart coding assistance (CAC) for the coders with the suggestion codes, cautious codes, and suspected codes to enhance the coding quality.

Automatic document retrieval system from different locations with automatic medical documents classification capability.

Secure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) with multiple projects/client handling features.

Rebuttal transactions & historical records management

Machine learning-based Audit Sampling, Allocation, and Quality Control

Supplementary reporting for CMS submission.

Document Categorization & Variable Pricing feature

Business Benefits

Completely automate your ETL process & data reconciliation

One stop solution to manage all your projects and clients

Role-based dashboards and strategic reports for better insights

Performance-based audit sampling & Quick multi-level Auditing

Coding using the potential documents and coders becomes a smart auditor

Rules validations and ICD-10 & HCC real-time assistance

Secure and reliable document viewer

Efficient rebuttal workflow

Effective chart management

Time & Cost Benefits

Effective management of coder

Smart coding assistance improves coding quality and efficiency by

20% – 30%

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