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Product Description

Quickocr is an image recognition application that can convert any image document to a readable document with higher accuracy. Quickocr helps many businesses to reduce the OCR cost and increase the recognition accuracy. This stand-alone application is built with neural network-based image processing techniques. This product can read image documents and delivers quality output.

Business Features

Simple, easy to use, and user-friendly tool

With one-time image pre-processing settings, users can save time.

Supports color / grayscale image recognition.

Recognizes all popular and widely used image file formats (gif, bmp, png, jpeg, tiff, image / scanned pdf)

Auto / Manual batch processing of image documents capability

Recognizes whole or particular section of the document based on the user requirement

Documents from multiple locations can be downloaded for recognition

Secure and reliable image recognition product

Business Benefits

Auto-Download & Recognition System

Reduces Manual Operation Cost

Affordable Price & Processing Cost

Multi-Processing Of Documents

Comparative Results

Easy to integrate

Quick Reports & Dashboards for better business insights

Recognition accuracy (Exclusion of handwritten documents)
14k - 21k
Processing Power On single instance pages/per day
Processing Power on Multiple instances no of instances/per day
Dedicated Support
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